Project overview

The product: 

The application is for a better experience in the cafeteria and should help people to order coffee.​​​​​​​

Project duration:

September 2022 – December 2022

The problem: 

People don’t want to lose their seats based on their orders. Sometimes, people want to sit and order from their place to keep this place in the cafeteria.

The goal: 

Create an app that will allow you to browse the menu, create an order, and select the table in the cafeteria.

My role: 

UX researcher, UX designer, UI designer​​​​​​​


user research, wireframing, prototyping, designing

Understanding the user

User research: Summary

I conducted user interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users. A primary user group identified through user research was working adults in the office who want to enjoy coffee.

This user group revealed problems like delivery/pickup – coffee could be cold, and some customers want to sit and enjoy the coffee.

User research: Pain points



Not picked up in time, and coffee could be cold.


Ordering in place

Why use an app in the cafeteria to order a coffee?



Missing assistive technologies.

Persona: Tom

User journey map

Mapping Tom’s user journey revealed how he could order a coffee from his place in the cafeteria.

Problem statement

Mapping Tom’s user journey revealed how he could order a coffee from his place in the cafeteria.

Starting the design

Paper wireframes 

My sketches for the application. 

Digital wireframes

Low-fidelity prototype

Usability study: Findings

Round 1 findings

1.  Users want more languages

2.  Users want order more types of coffees

3.  User want more information about picking table

Round 2 findings

1.  Missing information about table in summary

2.  Missing table information in the summary page



High-fidelity prototype

Accessibility considerations


Users want more information about the table. I used images of what the table looks like and added more descriptions about the place.


Users want information about the picked table on the summary page. I added this information to the overview.




The number of downloads is doubled than what we expected. 

What I learned:

I learned that doing a usability study multiple times is very useful.