Live Trend

Live Trend allows to open data and displays the data in the trend with basic tools.

The Challenge

How to select data and create trends. How to add functions to the trend.

Discovery & Research

To discover and understand the problem space, we interviewed industry experts and target users.

Expert interviews

In order to get a good overview of working and displaying data, we conducted expert interviews.

User interviews

We conducted user interviews to dive deeper into the needs of users. By learning about their needs, motivations, and frustrations, we were able to gain user insights.

Aligning user insights and goals with business goals

After interviews users and industry experts, we aligned their needs with business goals to develop a common understanding, find compromises and formulate user insights.

Wireframing the solution

Based on the above problems identified, I worked towards addressing these pains by coming up with potential solutions.

Developing the designs

I created my high-fidelity mockups in Adobe XD. I worked very closely with the Front End team to spec out any missing interactions that were not covered in the high-fidelity mockups.


I have received positive feedback from users about the simplified viewing trending data.



Discovery and research

Competitor analysis

Low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes

High-fidelity designs and asset creation

Usability testing and validation

Design workflow management


Rockwell Automation (Cloud Team)


2020 (3m)

Design Tools

Adobe XD